Army Time


Well, like most of the men in my generation I was in the military…. My father was a carear Army soldier (even was it the 7th Calvery), I was born at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in an Army hospitol and will likely die in a VA hospital…. I am a non-combatant Vietnam Veteran…. and was not a really great soldier…. but I did my time….. I could never really run very fast, throw a granade very far or shoot like a sniper…. I was in th 25th Infantry Band….. Now, I know that sounds glamorus…. Not so much…. we mostly did Army stuff and played a little…. I could not wait to get out… But I believe in the Draft: It does several things for young men… teaches them manners and how to work with others, it shows them how to defentd themselves…. (young men today do not know how to use a gun… leaving then unable to defend ur country if necessary), Many young men are straightened out by the military… guys that want to kill can stay in ther military and there is no better place for them (they will not be on the streets shooting young children by mistake) let us pay the BAD ASS to be in the Army defending us and not killing us…. anyway I could not wait to get out….. zs I look back on it I had many positive experiences during my Army time……

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