Visited the Babbitt mouthpiece company

Just got back from visit at Babbitt in Elkhart…
*They have a great team of people working on their mouthpieces…
*The factory is beautiful and clean.
*The owner Steve is very nice and working on improving the mouthpieces and bring back many of the original mouthpieces they own…
*They have Chris French and he has many years of experience in product development and design. (and more knowledge about woodwind than anyone I have ever met)
*Mike Smith of course has many years in product development and is  great saxophone and clarinet player…. I have known Mike since he was  child at North Texas some 45+ years….
*The factory employees re devoted to their jobs…. All seem to be very happy… hard to say in most workplaces today…..
*I was very impressed with the direction the company is taking in making the best mouthpieces possible….
* Believe you can purchase any of their mouthpieces with confidence they are great….

* Mouthpiece lines owned by Babbitt include:

Saxophone Mouthpieces
Meyer New York
Meyer Bros. New York
Otto Link Vintage
Otto Link Tone Edge
Otto Link Tone Edger Early Babbitt
Otto Link Florida
Otto Link New York
Otto Link Super Tone Master
Guy Hawkins
Wolf Tayne

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