Albert System Clarinets

Albert System Clarinets

The Albert system refers to a system of clarinet  keywork and fingering developed by Eugene Albert. In the United Kingdom it is known as the simple system. It has been largely replaced in United States by the Boehm System.. The Oehler System is used mostly by Germans & Austrian clarinetists… 

Big Band musician Jimmy Dorsey used a clarinet outfitted with the Albert system.

The Albert system is still used, mainly by clarinetists who perform Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Klezmer and Dixieland styles of music. Often these musicians prefer the Albert system due to the ease of slurring notes provided by unkeyed one holes. 

The system is a derivative of the early 19th century 13-key system developed by Iwan Muller

The basic fingering differences are…. the 1st finger of the right hand on the Boehm produces a B-Flat or middle F.. On the Alert system the 1st finger of the right hand produces a B-Natural and a middle F-Sharp