I lived

I have been sick for the past 3 weeks and not working…. I am now better and working a few hours a day… I had my 75th Birthday so I am going to start relaxing a little more…. have a great day and do something nice for yourself today…

E-flat Clarinet Polishing Jig

My friend Paul designed and built a polishing jig for E-flat clarinet bodies….. it connects to the bnench and makes it easy to strap the post of the E-Flat clarinet for the overhaul… it can also be used as a third hand during the overhaul…. it can be mounted over the edge of the bench […]

Army Time

Well, like most of the men in my generation I was in the military…. My father was a carear Army soldier (even was it the 7th Calvery), I was born at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in an Army hospitol and will likely die in a VA hospital…. I am a non-combatant Vietnam Veteran…. and was not […]

Sales Callw 0n Phone

Well, I get about 20 to 30 salesw call a day.. on my business phone… this is a number I have had for over 30 years….. now it is becomming worthless… I am going to turn on the if you are not in my list then it does no ring… If you are a new […]

Cip and the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet

I had a lot of fun yesterday with my friend Cip… we recorded his feature playing over the new Hollywood clarinet quartet. He sounded great as always…. Wayne Bergeron was great and he let us use his studio and he recorded Cip… we then went out for great Mexican food….. that is Greg Huckins in […]