Category: Clarinet Repair Tips

Clarinet Reg Key Cork

Clarinet Reg Key Cork: The clarinet register key cork need to be thin.  I see many clarinets with a thick cork under the key. What that does is makes it hard to slide to the register key. The thinner the cork, the lower the key can be set and the easier to slide to the […]

Rod & Pivot Screw Storage

Rod & Pivot Screw Storage while doing an overhaul.  While you are doing an overhaul it is important to be able to put the rod or pivot screw back in the same place it came out.  There are several reasons for this: On an older instrument other repairmen have likely worked on them so they […]

Still doing saxophone & clarinet repair

I am not sure if everyone knows I am still doing clarinet and saxophone repair.  If you need any work please call me at: 818-985-9846. for an appointment……