Category: Saxophone Reapir Tips

Small Pads

These pads were replaced by a repairman….. They are very small and are impossible to seat and have the stay seated.  

Selmer G-Sharp Spring

Selmer G-Sharp Spring: Selmer finally got the lame G-Sharp spring on the Marl VI right on the Mark VII… to bad they had the poorly designed left hand little finger keys and the Low C/E-Flat keys. Easy to balance the G-Sharp spring tension.

Saxophone Side Key Corks

11.6.208 Saxophone Side Key Corks: I see this a lot of saxophones that come in for repair. The side key corks are to long and make the key not open correctly and feel funny when they are operated.   The correct way is to have the cork only on the flat part of the key… […]

Dirty Rods on saxophones

After years of not cleaning rods or doing much work to a saxophone….  it can really gum up the rods.  Here is the upper stack rod form a Mark VII alto I am overhauling that has never been worked on since it was new. Every rod on this saxophone was locked in and difficult to […]

King Saxophone Tone Holes

King Saxophone Tone Holes The first photo shows two tone holes before they are cleaned.  As you can see there are many small places that are not smooth. These small dings in the tone hole need to be fixed before starting to put new pads in the saxophone so the pads will seat better. This […]