Clarinet Bis

The Bis key and the clarinet:

In the history of the clarinet most players use what is called the Plain Boehm system clarinet… it is the most popular and clarinet players being anal as they are talk about not needing alter keys or fingerings… the key word is anal!.. If there can be a key that helps why not have it… the sixth ring on the clarinet offers many hard passages a lot more easier…. Now if you do not want or have the sixth ring on the clarinet you love then the Bis is a great option… 

The problem with most of the bis keys that can be added to the clarinet with screws is they are too close to the 1st finger of the left hand… since this is an optional key the player must be able to use it but not have it in the way….

I have heard many clarinet players talk about the pitch and tone of the alternate keys… hell, if it is going by fast enough, trust me no one will know…. Also when we practice the alternate fingerings we learn what they can do and when we need them…..

Rheiben's YAMAHA B-Flat Clarinet Bis Key
The first bis I ever made is on my YAMAHA clarinet and I used a flute left hand little finger key off a low B flute..
Rheuben's Plateau B-Flat clarinet Bis key design
The second is on my Plateau clarinet…. This is the clarinet I use due to many hand problems… in addition to the Bis which is simply a stainless steel spring soldered at an angle… the advantage of using the stainless steel spring is you can shape it any way you want…closer to the 1st finger or not so close… it can be adjusted to your finger….

Bis test passage by Rheuben Allen
I have also included a very simple passage and it can be played the fastest with either the 6th ring or a bis… than any of the traditional E-flat/B-flat fingerings…
Clarinet Bis Tremolo Test Passage No. 1
Scheherazade cklarinet solo...
A good clarinet player can play this with any B-Flat fingering… I still ue the the side B-Flat because it is the B-Flat I used the 1st time I tried to play this….