Conn E-Flat Clarinets

Conn E Flat Clarinets, Albert system
Conn E Flats 4.0 5 Pieces

1. Is  Hard Rubber Albert System Conn that is in five pieces….
There are 2 keys on the upper joing of the Hard rubber that are not on the wood…..
2. Is a Metal Albert System Conn with and inside and outside metal bore design…. Also 5 pieces
The G# key is very short and does not seem to have been broken off……
3. Is a Wood Albert System Conn, Also 5 pieces….

*I really like the design of the Side B-Flat/ E-Flat keys… they are very easy to operate…..
the modern Side B-Flat/ E-Flat keys are not really a very good design……
*By playing some Albert System clarinets … I have learned to slide between the E-Flat and C key on my modern Boehm Clarinet more easily….

2 of them came in great cases and I will post photos of them later…