Favorite Albert

My favorite Albert Clarinet

This is one of my very favorite Alberts… it has several keys I really like…. Left Hand E-Flat, Long side B-Flat key. There are 3 pad cups for the low F / middle C key. The G-Sharp in on the top of the clarinet like the full Bohem and any clarinet with the articulated G-Sharp key. The lower keys have rollers.

Long Side B-Flat 2.0

I really like the long side E-Flat / B-Flat keys dewsign…. (This one is a little bent) this makes the side E-Flat / B-Flat key very easy to reach… you can leave your first finger of the right hand over the first hole with very little movement to use the side key…. It also allows the player to reach the second trill key mking it eqsy to have a side B to C natrural trill or use in a fast or reperative pssage…. Boosey & Hawkes used this on their Bohem clarinets… it is a very good design.