Interval Studies from Low F

The concept behind these exercises is if you can go from any note to any other note … then you can play anything….

The exercises are divided into single bars…. This way the clarinet player can work on the more difficult intervals for them…. Any player can go from Low E to Low F, but, going smoothly from Low E to D-Sharp might not be so easy or of course going from Low E to the very highest C will certainly need practice….

* Do not practice the highest notes for long periods of time… go back and play some of the low notes so the embouchure will remine set right and stay relaxed…. When playing too high for long periods of time, we tend to tighten too much changing the tone and response….

Why do we play long tones in the low register of the clarinet? This has a very simple answer…
1) When we play long tones in the lower register we are able set the embouchure for the day.

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Interval Studies from Low F pg. 2
Interval Studies from Low F pg.3
Interval Studies from Low F pg. 4

Introduction to interval studies by Rheuben Allen

2) We can listen to what is coming out the clarinet… this could be the most important lesson we ever learn: “Listen to everything that come out the end of your instrument”. Listen to the tone, the pitch, match all the notes…. After all music is sound… without a good sound no one will want to hear you play!