My Latest Projects

After my retirement I decided not to produce instruments with my name on them any longer. The main reason for this is I am 78 years old and it takes about a year to get the instruments with the custom logos and I might not have the year to wait to get the products any longer.

I have started a new Nonprofit the “International Church of Music” here in Muncie and will be devoting my time to this new project. I have purchased a small church to house this Nonprofit and we will be teaching young people to pay music, providing them with musical instruments all at no charge to them and or their parents or guardians.
*If you love music and want to help young people learn to play a musical you can donate to us on our website and receive a tax deductable receipt. I do not take any money from the Nonprofit and no one on the bioard does either. All the money donated goes to helping young people play instruments.