Bass Clarinet ABS Mouthpieces


Acoustic Plastic ABS mouthpiece plays great… intonation, response and tone are exceptional.
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I personally like the sound and response of ABS in mouthpieces. It is quick, water resistnt and in general produces a great tone color.

What is ABS?    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS plastic, is a thermoplastic and amorphous polymer that is created using a blend of two plastics and one rubber: acrylonitrile, polystyrene, and butadiene.

ABS plastic is often used to manufacture musical instruments such as recorders and plastic clarinets, as well as tambourines, harmonicas, flutes, bugles, and percussion instruments, to name a few. It is popular for its toughness and resistance to impact. Although considerably more expensive than polystyrene, ABS has superior hardness, toughness and gloss. It is water resistant & BPA free.

Thermal Stability: ABS demonstrates good thermal stability during processing and use. For example, it can be heated repeatedly without significant degradation. This allows for multiple thermal cycles that do not compromise the material properties.

Is ABS a durable material?   ABS is very tough and impact-resistant. It can withstand major hits and not take on any damage at all. As with most manufactured parts, ABS can be made into a thin or thick form. The thicker the material, the more impact resistance and safety for the parts underneath it.

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