Stress Relief Thumb Rest RASTR1


RATR1 – Relieve thumb stress by not allowing your thumb to curve around the saxophone….


*Hey Rheuben, Thanks for the Stress Relief Thumb Rests for both my horns. Honestly I can’t believe they don’t make saxophone thumb rests like this on the horns at the factories. Genius idea. And like you promised I got it in 3 days so I used them on my gigs this past weekend. It really relieved all the tension and pain not only in  my thumb but my whole hand. To be honest my back was less stressed as well. My hand was so much more free to play the notes faster. It’s like the natural position of how the thumb is when you grab the horn. You, my friend, have changed my concept of the saxophone!!!!
Thank you so, so, so much
Yours Truly,
Scott Solomon (Old Bridge, New Jersey).

Thank you Scott…..

Why it works…..

The Rheuben Allen Stress Relief Saxophone Thumb Rest will help allow the saxophone player to remove much of the tension in the fingers of the right hand.  His makes it much easier to play and play for longer amounts of time. By not being able to wrap the thumb around the traditional thumb rest that creates stress in the right hand…  The saxophone player is able to play with a more relaxed right hand….