Remembering Ted Zeigler

Remembering Friends: Ted Zeigler

Ted was a comic actor and voice over actor…. He was on the Carol Burnet show, Sonny & Sher and many more TV shows… He hosted his own kids TV show in Canada “Johnny Jellybean” for many years…

How I met Ted was .. I was having lunch in the Good Neighbor restaurant next to my Sax Shop in studio city… it was late in the afternoon there were a bunch of men having lunch at a table across the room from me… it was just them and me at this time…. well, Kent, Ruth Buzzi’s husband set off a fire cracker in a cup and it went flying…. Ted got up, came over to my table and said “I’m having lunch with you” and that started a friendship that lasted for many years… and had lunch or dinner together almost every day for all those years…. His favorite thing to say when we were driving on the freeway… (that was when you could go fast on an LA freeway) was when a car would pass us going very fast.. TED would say “let the bait go by” I must have herd that over a thousand time over the years….

Watch Ted on YouTube:

Ken Berry, George Foreman, Sonny Bono, Ted Zeigler Boxing Skit – Jan. 16, 1974

Johnny Jellybean

Just type Ted Zeigler to see more of Ted on YouTube

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