Saxophone reviews by Rheuben

Keilwerth Front F

September 11, 2020
In these reviews I am going to point out the good things about different saxophones… there is enough negativity in the world.

I am going to start with the Keilwerth Saxohones:
The Keilwerth Front F key is one of the best designed keys of any major saxophone manufacturer .  As you can see the part of the key that is on the side toward the Palm keys and your first finger of the left hand is rounded so when you reach for the key, it can be operated by sliding into it and without needing to remove the first finger off the B pearl or the Palm from the Palm key position… this is a very good key design…..

They also feature rolled tone holes but not like the original Conn rolled tone holes.  The Keilwerth tone holes are drawn and a ring is soldered to the tone hole… What are the advantages of the rolled tone hole?  Two main advantages: More area for the pad to seat against and they are less likely to cut into the pad after long term use….
The idea behind the ring on the tone hole was it had the advantages of the rolled tone hole and it could be replaced if the saxophone was damaged. You could not replace a drawn and rolled tone hole… good feature….

Big pearls: The pearls were easy to change.. they were just glued to the key… they were smoother to the touch…

Palm key tone holes were slightly smaller so the palm keys were not as sharp.

These are some of the features of the Keilwerth