Clarinet Studies & Exercises

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Alternate Major Scale Concepts #1 – to be studied after learning the traditional Major & minor scales below.

Clarinet Scales, Major & minor

Circle of 5ths for all instruments – Major and relative minor keys

Interval Studies from Low E  – Learn to go from one note to any other note on your instrument

Ledger Line studies – Learn to see the very high ledger line notes

Whole Tone Studies 2   – Learn Whole Tone Scales

Over the break – over the break and to the woodshed, improve the break of the clarinet

The Double Hit – many times we need to move from one note to another and must move to another fingering of the note we are holding so we will be able to move to the next note…..  thus the “Double Hit”

3rd Finger 1 – Learn to use the 3rd finger low B and/or Middle F-Sharp fingering, and the 1 and 3 E-Flat /B-flat fingering

Chromatic Break Studies – Just a few over the breack chromatic exercises

Chord Names #1

Thirds Full Range for Clarinet – when playing the thirds just play as high as you can.. then try to extend the range

Extreme Range Major Scales – when you think you are good then practice these scales.. they are humbling…

Exercises for hand problems     Sept. 3, 2021    These exercises are designed to help people with hand problems find and cover the open holes of the clarinet better.