Tales of a Sax Repairman

Jan. 8, 2021
Well, it is common knowledge that the Chinese will steal anything … they do not have any original ideas so they just steal form those of us that do…. the Chinese businessman cannot be trusted… just keep that in mind…..the biggest mistake a US businessman can to do is to do business with China….. eBay allows the Chinese to sell copies of my neck and I have a US Patent.
(By the way they sell them for less than I pay to have them made)….

James Moody…
The last time James came by I worked on his alto…. and the great thing was when he was testing it … he was showing me things he had just learned… how to turn a pattern around, how to use new scales he had just fund…. Hell, he was well over 80 and still working on new things in his playing…. he could have just set back and lived on his past, but he was excited to learn new things…. he was great and acting like a young man…..

Jazz Legend James Moody