Why do I make T-Shirts & Novelty Products?

Why do I make T-Shirts & Novelty Products?

A lot of both friends and clients ask me why do I like making T-Shirts & Novelty products… well I will try to explain a little without going into a lot of the BS I am know for…..

When I had my quadruple bypass I was down for about 2 years…. I could not lift anything, I could barely move… So, what does one do to pass the time….. Well, I started typing smart ass things into my computer to release the tension… then I though some of them would make a good T-Shirt… I knew someone that had made T-Shirts and they showed me how to get started…

I fell in love of making the designs and making the T-Shirts…. It is a great pastime for me…… and I really like seeing the finished products…. I have expanded into other novelty products I hope you will like…… Now I know everyone does not have my wonderful since of humor so not everyone will like what I have to say…. I do hope everyone sees the humor in almost every product or the artistic process that goes into the making of my T-Shirts, Photography and Novelty Gifts….. I really hope you like them….