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Players are different.

I use to love it when a new client would come into the shop and before he even introduced himself I would hear “I go to the best repairman in the world in New York” my response was… “so go to him”.  Not the way to get the repairman you are talking and want to… Continue reading Players are different.

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Low C Key Bounce

Low C Key Bounce: On many saxophones the G-Sharp and Low C keys tend to bounce.  The reason for this many times is the spring placement. The spring is right near the rod of the key and this allows the key to bounce unless it has a lot of tension on the spring. Not enjoyable… Continue reading Low C Key Bounce

Long Neck Cork

2.9.2017 Repair Tip As repairmen we always want to do things right. However, we are sometimes limited in what we can do by the guys that worked on the instrument before you. The neck cork on this Selmer Mark VI tenor is way too long.  But since the guys in front of me that put… Continue reading Long Neck Cork