James Moody

James Moody Jazz Legend   I met James through Francois Kloc when I worked at Buffet setting up the Buffet clarinets and Keilworth saxophones. James was a Keilworth artist, so when he would drop by I would check his sax… He came to several times after I left Buffet and the last time he came … Read more

Clarinet Reg Key Cork

Clarinet Reg Key Cork: The clarinet register key cork need to be thin.  I see many clarinets with a thick cork under the key. What that does is makes it hard to slide to the register key. The thinner the cork, the lower the key can be set and the easier to slide to the … Read more

Original Sax Pads

Original Sax Pads… I just took these white pads form a very old C-Melody saxophone.  As you can see compared to a modern pad they lacked a little something. No heavy paper backing.  The glue just went straight to the felt. No tone booster. Just a little thread in the center of the pad to … Read more