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Chicken Neck

Chicken Neck form the CD Grease Mechanix by Frank Macchia This features great musicians form Los Angeles…. and Frank is a very interesting composer that uses many different instruments. GREAT FUN!

Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter When I got out of the Army I went on the road playing in rock bands and blues bands… I was trying to play the saxophone then I heard Edgar Winter play on his “Entrance” album… hell … he was playing things I could never play if I practiced 24 hours a day…. […]

Ramsey Lewis

I was setting in a club in Chicago many years ago listening to George Shearing… he was great… The waitress was taking this guy to his table and he stepped on both of my feet… never said anything just walked all over my feet… well I was young and not always that bright, so I […]

James Moody

James Moody Jazz Legend   I met James through Francois Kloc when I worked at Buffet setting up the Buffet clarinets and Keilworth saxophones. James was a Keilworth artist, so when he would drop by I would check his sax… He came to several times after I left Buffet and the last time he came […]

Jazz musicians must have a since of humor.

Jazz musicians must have a since of humor. There is the story of the famous jazz musician that was asked, “why do you play Jazz?” Now the guy that asked him was expecting “I love the music or Jazz moves me” but his answer was surprising “Because I don’t like crowds”