Oxford Black Nickel Tenor Saxophone


Oxford Tenor Saxophone:
See our Custom Set up at the bottom of the page….
These tenors play great and are at a very good price.


Our Custom Set up in our shop:
Pads adjust and make sure all the pads seat properly to insure the best response.
The pad heights so the saxophone will again, respond it’s best
The spring tension is balanced for the best possible technical advantage to the player.
We provide a Rheuben Allen Mouthpiece made in the US for a great tone and response.
Brand Name: Oxford
Model No.:   #I-TS-B
Product Description: Tenor Saxophone
Key: B-Flat
Finish: Black Nickel Plated
Material:  Brass
Construction: Ribbed
*Single Post Construction: It simple means the post are solder directly to the body of the saxophone. Uses less solder on the saxophone.
*Ribbed Construction: Means the post are solder to a rib and the rib is soldered to the body.)
Engraving: Full Body and Key Hand Engraving
Special Features: Double braces on lower keys for better seating and strength.
Accessories Includes:
*Rheuben Allen Mouthpiece made in the US
2 Reeds
Mouthpiece Cap & Ligature
Saxophone Strap
Case: Shaped Wood Case w/Shoulder Strap & Back Pack Straps