Paris Master Model Clarinet


The Paris Master Model Clarinet is made of ABS and in the key of B-Flat, It is a great clarinet for the young student, hobbyist or professional. It has a great sound, great response and is fun to play. It comes with one of my mouthpieces made here in the US.
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Paris Master Model Clarinet … The Bb clarinet is the most popular and common type of clarinet. The Bb is a soprano clarinet.  This clarinet is considered the primary member of the clarinet family by many clarinet players… Since it is used in Concert and Marching bands it is the clarinet most young players start playing…. It is also used along witht he Clairnet in the key of A in orchestras and most of the clarinet solo music is written for the B-Flat clarinet….  Clarinet Quartets for example 90% of the time have 3 B-Flat clarinets and a Bass clarinet in the key of B-Flat.

I have a clarinet quarter the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet that feautres the 3 B-Flats and a Bass…. Members are Rheuben Allen, Mike Vaccaro, Geoff Nudell and Greg Huckins….  our good friends Joe Nazzaretta is a life member that had to stop becuse of health reasons… and our great friend David Stanton paswed away from cancer… I don’t want to say we are old …but!
We have been very lucky to have a great friend in Dan Higgins who has written many original works for us both classical and jazz  compositions…….

Rehearls ave been a bit of a bitch since I moved to Indiana and everyone else lives in California… But.. we are working on the problem….you can see the massive number of TV and movies Dan has played on at I tought him everything he knows…. or was I dreaming that?


Dan an I spent many hours one time taking parts of different woodwind instruments and making them into strange instruments for the “Cat in the Hat” movie…. somewhere I have a photo and will try to find it…. we had a metal bass clarinet with a C melody sax neck and an alto we cut the neck vry short and made it kinda a B alto….

Paris Master Model Clarinet is again great for evryone…..