Acoustic Plastic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece RAASMp-AP


This mouthpiece is great for everyone playing the saxophone. Has a great response, good intonation and produces a very good tone. Designed to use a medium strength reed.
Made in the US

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Rheuben Allen Woodwind accessories Made in the USA


How to read Model No: RAASMP-AP

R = Rheuben
A = Allen
A = Alto
S = Saxophone
A = Acoustic
P = Plastic
– = –
Mp = Mouthpiece

The alto saxophone, also referred to as the alto sax, is a member of the saxophone family of woodwind instruments invented by Belgian  instrument designer Adolphe Sax  in the 1840s, and patented in 1846. It is pitched in E♭, and is smaller than the tenor, but larger than the soprano.  The alto sax is the most common saxophone and is commonly used in concert bands, chamber music, solo repertoire, military bands, marching bands, and Jazz of course The fingerings of the different saxophones are all the same so a saxophone player can play any type of saxophone.

This list will continue to grow:
Great Jazz Alto Sax players you should listen to (there are so many it is impossible to list them all) Cannonball Adderely, Paul Desmond, Lee Konitz, Sonny Stitt, Art Pepper, Lany Morgan, Med Flory,